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First Annual A/B 3 Wall Big Ball Tournament Results

St. Clair Shores 


As the crisp cool morning air gave way to the blazing sunlight, there were 28. By days end…there were 2.

Mike Piccolo.  Joe Schilling.  Big Joe in these parts… Our newest student and his veteran teacher…. And they reigned supreme.  Beating our poster boy, our very own Michigan born and bred Pat Oliver the current State of Ohio singles and doubles 4 wall champ.  Yep, he brought it home but home today was not a friendly place…and the oldest marine in the group….Larry Reuben??  Ole Larry didn’t miss a thing today.  Stuck his hand out there and like magic, it hit that front wall. Funny thing what the sun will do to a man….   84 degrees…hot sunlight.  No respite from the blinding glare of the stark afternoon sun. No shadows here… Full on Big Ball Handball…Michigan’s 1st annual 3 Wall Big Ball Doubles Handball tournament...

First round winners Ben and Bob, the Hall and Kozak show would be denied this day, as was counselor Warren MacAlpine and the film genius Stewart Shevin…that big fat ball, the great equalizer would be their albatross….And the many other first round winners found that this is not an easy game but give it their all they did….The Ted’s, father and son Grammatico, Chris Monsour and Ken Luchkovitz,  Scary Bob Balch and Chuck Ferro, MHA VP Rick Leonard and Ron Iles. 

Long rallies …and an underestimate of the conditioning needed to prevail. Moments of introspection where the question of the day was…”this is tough. This soft little nothing ball, and I need to find the courage to push on. I am tired. I can’t believe how tough this is. Swingin at air. Swingin at nothing…I need to swing for the seats. I gotta find a way to win….but I am so tired.”

And we will do it again, for the day and the game proved to be a big winner in the eyes of both players and watchers…..

Thank you to all who entered and played and to our guests who walked, drove and limped in…..Deb June’s newest rival Karel Graham who after a long sabbatical has returned to the game and now sports a cast, Dave Dodds also on injured reserve… Thanks to Ben for bringing Helen…

A special thanks to Angus McIntyre and Mike Piccolo for your generous contribution.  You are both always there without the asking….

Mike McDonald….we thank you for jumping in and doing all the work….and to Rick Leonard for the great idea….

Dale Chimenti

Michigan Handball Association

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