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MHA Activities


We no longer publish a paper newsletter on a quarterly basis as we used to. Instead, our goal is to make the website your one-stop resource for all things handball. This includes being current for all the items listed below.  We recognize that in order to accomplish this goal we need the help and support of the membership. Please provide us with news, your tournament schedules and results in a timely manner. You can send anything to our Secretary, Stewart Shevin at

Subsection a. states that a full schedule of four-wall (Indoor) and three-wall (Outdoor) tournaments shall be conducted for the members. To this end, the Board of Directors will make every effort to provide, support, and/or publicize a variety of tournaments at locations throughout the state. The MHA will maintain a calendar of local and state events. This calendar helps players and clubs coordinate their schedules in order to avoid conflicts. The MHA works with clubs to organize and host handball tournaments. Clubs can get their mailing list, coipes of newsletters, and ad space to get the word out about their handball events and programs.

In a related effort, and to increase player participation, we are organizing a southeast Michigan Handball Association (MHA) league with play to begin in January 2002. Visit our Board of Directors or Executive Committee pages for contact information. We encourage individuals, or a representative from any handball "center" that would like to participate, to call and express your interest.

The MHA sponsors and organizes both regional and local roundup events to help players get together while also promoting the game of handball. These are typically one day events and apply to all classes of players.

Handball Development Clinics
The MHA sponsors and organizes indoor and outdoor Handball Development Clinics. Please visit our Handball Development Chair  for further details regarding our plans and on how you can possibly help.

Player Database
We've  implemented a Player Database which  enables  members to locate some one, find a doubles partner, put on a divisional event only, or find someone to play when you're out of town or in a local region of the state. Visit the Player Directory  here.

These members only accessible records are used by clubs and players to reach one another for tournaments, events, and other handball purposes. This database will not be used for as a mailing list for commercial, or non-handball related sales.

We will also be working on developing a database of contacts in other states you might be visiting. We can probably suggest a good place to start looking for a game, no matter where you are headed.

In addition to our modest membership fee, the MHA depends on the generous financial contributions from members, friends and businesses. Your contribution is welcome at any time and will be used to promote the sport of handball around Michigan. Please go here to donate. Feel free to contact the MHA's Treasurer, Michael MacDonald here. On behalf of all Michigan handball players, thank you.
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